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Kareena Kapoor Wishes Happy Friendship Day Today

Story of Aamir Khan from ‘3 idiots’ to Kareena Kapoor’s from ‘jab we met’- These Bollywood characters who would make a perfect friends also in real life and reels life. Kareena Kapoor Wishes Happy Friendship Day Today to their all top fans. 

Friendship Day is one of the most loved days in the country. On this day, friends celebrate each other and their precious bond. Even in Bollywood, there are reel and real-life friendships which  are nothing but BFF goals. There are filsabout friends like ‘Kuch Kuch Hota Hai’, ‘3 Idiots’ and more thathave inspired people in real life. Be it Munna-Circuit, MC Sher or Rancho, we always wish to have a friend like them in real life. On this special day, here’s looking at Bollywood characters we would really love to  be friends with in real life too:

  • Munna and Circuit from ‘Munna Bhai MBBS’

Munna and Circuit are the characters who have redefined the meaning of ‘Bhai’. In both films, their friendship is all about purity and care. Both of them are highly bold and free-spirited, well we surely need such people in life. Circuit always helps Munna in the times of crisis.

  • Shiva from’Kabir Singh’

‘Kabir Singh’ might be the mos criticized film in Bollywood but it did manage to give us major BFF goals. Kabir and Shiva’s camaraderie was totally loved by everyone. Shiva is a friend who will care for you or help you at any time. Even thogh Kabir blasted on Shiva a lot of times, but he made sure to stay by his side in his bad times.

  • Rancho from ‘ Idiots’

Aamir Khan’s character Rancho from ‘ Idiots’ is an ideal friend to have around. He has all the qualities of a perfect BFF. Be it his intelligence, helpful nature, inspiring everyone around him, jugaadu dimaag-an apt friend to have arounf around who only has positives:

  • Geet from ‘ Jab We Met’

Kareena Kapoor khan’s character Geet from ‘Jab We Met’ is  someone who is adored by almost everyone. She is the most talkative girls in this film, always positive and a complete entertainment package. If she becomes a friend in real life, there will be no boredom.

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